FIX API - Noor Capital UK

The Noor Capital UK Limited FIX API solution is ideal for sophisticated traders seeking low latency trading as well as the most control over their automated trading strategies

Noor Capital UK limited FIX API connection allows our professional or sophisticated traders to send orders for execution directly to our pricing engine while offering ultra-low latency and high-speed connectivity.


What is the FIX API?

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol was developed to enable greater connectivity among market participants. It is an international standard for electronic trading used by stock exchanges, banks, mutual funds, money managers and investment funds.


Our FIX API (Application Programming Interface) is the perfect solution for traders looking to take advantage of our deep liquidity pools, while having ultra-low latency and high-speed connectivity. This application allows traders to send orders for execution directly to our pricing engine, on forex, indices, energies, metals and soft commodities. Simply plug the API into your trading platform to receive price data, submit trades, send and modify orders, and receive confirmations.




Automated trading

You can use the API to build secure, automated trading systems in the FIX protocol. Your system can be set up to access streaming and historical price quotes, and place market or limit orders over secure communication channels.


Any orders you generate will be automatically routed to our liquidity pool and executed at any time the markets are open. So our API can give you a round-the-clock automated solution for ultra-low latency trading.



Other features:

  • Tier-1 high capacity servers in EQUINIX datacentre
  • Built specifically for the financial industry
  • Providing ultra-low latency executions
  • Active and passive order entry
  • Access to deep market liquidity
  • 100% STP/ DMA