Cash Equities

Noor Capital UK Limited has an extensive cash equities offering, giving clients access to hundreds of shares in some of the world's most important and influential corporations, including Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google.

What is a share?

Stock markets provide companies with an opportunity to raise money by selling parts of their businesses as shares, these can also be referred to as equities or stocks. Shares are the units of the ownership of a company. If you buy one, you own a part of that company and become a shareholder.



Benefits of Trading with Noor Capital UK Limited

  • Trade international shares

Trade all the best-known companies from global stock markets, including US tech stocks like Apple, Facebook, Tesla and Amazon into from one account.

  • Benefit from low spreads

Noor Capital UK Limited offers competitive pricing and low spreads allows you to take advantage of more stock trading opportunities.

  • Advanced Trading platform

Trade stocks and shares wherever you are and on any device using our professional online or mobile trading platform.

Cash Equities Market

Country Symbol Currency Required Margin1 Contract Size MinTrade Size (Lots) Tick Factor2 Tick Value3 Charging Structure4 Financing Charged5
US Symbol.US* USD 1:1 Leverage ** 1 LOT = 1 share 1 0.01 1 US Cent Commission & Trading Fees No

1 All orders in US Cash Equities are routed as Market orders.

2 Tick Factor is the value of the smallest whole unit movement of the specified instrument. It is the reference point used to calculate profit/ loss.

3 Tick Value is the amount of profit/ loss made for a 1 tick move (see tick factor) in the specified product.

4 Charging structure is how you will be charged for trading the specified product. Both commission and fees are charged for cash equity. Please see Pricing sheet below for the trading costs.

5 This product is non leveraged product, therefore, the margin requirement is 100% of the value of the running position at all times.

6 The Margin/ Free Margin for Cash equities is updated for every 5% of the movement of the underlying instrument/stock.

7 Settlement of Cash Equities is on T+2 basis, therefore in some cases your realised P&L might be adjusted in accordance to the settlement time frame (i.e. T+2).

8 The base currency of your account(s) is the currency denomination that you have selected for your main account according to the application submitted to open an account with us.

Our business Model is designed for High trading volume

Silver trader

Less Than Milion
$5 MIN OR 0.02/SHARE

GOLd trader

$4 MIN OR 0.015/SHARE

platinum trader

More Than YARD
$3 MIN OR 0.01/SHARE

Fees: EXCHANGE FEE 0.006/share , CLEARING FEE 0.0004/share ,Reg FINRA Trading Activity Fee 0.000167/ share , SEC Transaction Fee 0.000167/ share, PASS THROUGH NYSE & FINRA , 0.000167/ share , CUSDOITY FEE 12 bps.

In regards to fractional shares the applied fees shall be a proportional percentage of the agreed commission rate for the specific account type

Please see Cash Equities  Financial Terms  for further details.