About Noor Capital UK Limited

Noor Capital UK Limited is an international financial services firm that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, under Firm Reference Number (FRN) 631382. Through Noor Capital UK Limited, and the globally renowned Metatrader 5 platform, our clients can trade a wide variety of markets, including foreign exchange, commodities and indices 24/5. Take advantage of deep liquidity, tight spreads, mobile trading and much more.

Noor Capital UK Limited ("NC UK") is a financial services firm specializing in online Forex and CFD trading for professional and corporate clients in a diverse range of markets 24 hours a day. Through Noor Capital UK Limited, and the globally renowned Metatrader 5 platform, our professional and institutional clients can trade a wide variety of markets, including foreign exchange, commodities and indices all over the world.

Noor Capital UK Limited operates under the ECN/DMA trading model. This means that the company does not take any risk and all client trades are passed straight through to the market, and there is no conflict of interest. Noor Capital UK Limited connects traders directly to the Interbank Market, and uses aggregated prices from multiple liquidity providers, including tier 1 banks, to provide the best possible prices to our clients.  

In just a short time Noor Capital UK Limited has managed to establish itself as a leading financial firm that is recognized for its solid reputation, transparency and stability at a time of unprecedented uncertainty in the financial services sector.



  • Connectivity Infrastructure

    Our servers are located in London in the Equinix data centre LD4. This helps ensure low latency and ultra fast trade execution.

  • Strong Liquidity Offering

    NC UK provides direct market access to a wide range Tier 1 liquidity providers, including banks, non-banks, MTFs and ECNs. Our aggregation of these liquidity providers helps ensure deep market liquidity, fast execution and tight spreads across our quoted markets.

  • Noor Capital UK Limited Mission

    NC UK’s mission is to become the preferred trading partner for the discerning investor who seeks competitive pricing and deep liquidity in the online trading space. NC UK wants to provide its clients with the best possible experience in all aspects of its trading services – from trade execution, to deep liquidity, trading platform all the way through to the customer support experience. Our strong focus on technology and established connections in the financial markets means that we are ideally placed to service the needs and demands for all types of trades, from professional through to the ultra-high net worth.

  • While our ambitions are very much global, our emerging markets roots – together with deep experience of these markets – means we aim to maintain strong expertise and specialization in this region.

  • NC UK strives to provide an unparalleled service to its clients and to fully understand the needs of today’s modern investor. For this reason we want to create a company that achieves a loyal following by being the best in all it offers – from price, to execution, to trading choice to customer support.

  • NC UK wants to be known as the trusted brand in the online trading space globally.

  • Product and Services

    Noor Capital UK Limited focusses exclusively on professional and institutional clients. Our client base is global, from the UK to the Middle East and beyond. NC UK’s online trading platform and services allows our clients to instantly access their portfolio and trading account. The platform allows our clients to quickly and easily access and trade all available instruments from one place. Clients are able to access their account 24/7 and place orders or trades on any open market at any time. We believe that in order for you to be successful in your trades you also need the right support and resources. That’s why we provide a range of tools to aid your trade making decisions, including charts with technical analysis tools, news feed as well as a customer service team who are available to all of your questions and make sure your trading experience with us is as rewarding as possible.



    Noor Capital UK Limited was founded by people that have decades of experience in the online trading space and have a proven track record in delivering results. Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced individuals working together to provide our clients with the most superior trading experience. This gives us a clear advantage over our competitors. We have a presence in UK and the Middle East and our presence is growing all the time.

  • Market

    The growing trend of investors wanting to be in control of their own portfolios and trading decisions has seen triple figure year-on-year growth since 2001. This is largely due to the penetration of high speed internet, the development of technology and the huge increase in professional investors. The FX Brokerage industry has changed significantly since the onset of the financial crisis.
    Many banks have been forced to deleverage to meet stringent capital and liquidity requirements and, as a result, have stopped providing access to liquidity to small and medium sized funds, money managers, prop funds and retail brokers. At the same time, demand for better liquidity and execution services continues to rise as new entrants come into the market. To access liquidity, they are turning to a new generation of brokers who can service them in a viable way.

  • Target

    We believe that giving clients what they need when they need it is essential to our success. We believe we are able to meet our clients’ needs through our combination of price, product and support from some of the most experienced people in the business. Our goal is to provide competitive rates, deep liquidity and the best possible execution in the market. Our setup allows helps our clients seize opportunities wherever they present themselves. We aim to cement investor trust and loyalty in our brand by offering transparency and quality in everything we do.